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Poster: brewster Date: Jun 14, 2003 7:11am
Forum: etree Subject: What other genres? Indian, Brazilian, classical, folk...

We have heard that institutions in india and brazil have large collections of performances that they are interested in putting up on the net. This is a great news for diversity.

Another idea is to find classical music performances that would be up for having their performances posted would be another source of wonderful music that would help enlighten and enrich. (we could use the techniques from the taper community to do this as a service to the classical music groups).

Does anyone have suggestions on who might be interested in having their performances archived?

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Jun 14, 2003 10:29pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: What other genres? classical

Another idea is to find classical music

People at colleges can try stopping by the music department, maybe ask the secretary to post up a flyer, maybe with a version of contact letter number 3 on it. Faculty or students may have their own performances they'd like to share.

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Poster: mfh2014 Date: Jun 15, 2003 3:07am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: What's Legal??

As to what is legal for posting on the LMA...I'm thinking that copyright's don't exist on the composition of classical music, i.e. Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, the only 'go-ahead' needed would be from the performer, as the performance is the creative property of the performer...Does this sound right to everyone else, or do the estates of the classical composers hold the rights to the music and any performance of it?? In any case, I will definitely spread the word at WKCR, Columbia University radio, where I DJ a couple shows...

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Poster: brewster Date: Jun 15, 2003 4:52am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: What's Legal??

I am not a lawyer, and even from lawyers it seems difficult to figure out.

There is a book that is easy to read and very informative. It is called "Public Domain" on Nolo press (the folks that write the books on how to do stuff without hiring a lawyer).

That book has cookbook systems for figuring out what is public domain.


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Poster: Tyler Date: Jun 14, 2003 12:54pm
Forum: etree Subject: Sambada?


might be interested. I'm seeing them this thursday here in SD, and they have a brazilian/samba/cool dance vibe. kinda a different genera then is here i suppose. i'm still wroking on contacting them for though i think they are taper friendly. I'll e-mail whatever i get to

I also would dig more live classical shwos on the archive. Though i dont' even know where to look to find listings of upcoming performances of classical music. probably at the local performing arts center? Though i would paint both classical and blues musicians as probably not cool with taping and trading of their music. Anyone have some e-mail lists or circles to start with on this? i'd be willing to see a few in the SD area to get this going. i always have been a fan of classical. Perhaps call up your local jazz and classical stations (usually located at the local junior college) and talk to the DJ about the LMA and potential bands.

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Poster: Jonathan Aizen Date: Jun 14, 2003 1:19pm
Forum: etree Subject: Resources for San Diego and San Francisco

You're in San Diego if I recall properly?

The San Diego Chamber Orchestra
Free festivals and shows in San Diego
The San Diego Symphony might be a useful group to contact.

For those of us in San Francisco:
Stern Grove Festival is a free weekly concert series starting tomorrow, June 15 - it might make sense for some of us to approach the organizers and artists since there is a very wide range. Tomorrow is an Afro-Latin artist, June 22 is an opera, and July 6 is the SF Symphony. If nothing else, people in San Francisco should check this awesome festival out :)
This page has a really long list of classical music resources for the Bay Area.

Do we have any takers on pursuing some of these leads?


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Poster: Tyler Date: Jun 14, 2003 1:24pm
Forum: etree Subject: Sure

Yes, jon i'm in san diego. anything san diego related, pass it on, i'm always down for new music. I'll try and go through those listings you sent me and get to some classical shows this summer. for sure! good times...